About Our Business

Circa 1917 Renaissance/RMI Workroom

For five generations Renaissance (RMI) has been our family owned business.  This commitment and depth of experience is evidence of proven expertise in manufacturing custom window treatments and bedding for the hospitality and healthcare industries.  While most sewing trades have given way to imports from China, RMI has created this unique enterprise right here in the USA.

Coast to coast and internationally, our custom manufacturing expertise enables us to design, produce and install custom window treatments and bedding to satisfy your specific project requirements.

Our enviable production times and rapid, expert response, ensure your success; for one room or over a thousand rooms.

As always, our products are sold through industry turn-key distributors who provide multiple products for the hospitality industry.

RMI’s association with football great Herschel Walker's national minority association and our woman-owned status allow us to enter into direct contracts with major hotel brands.

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